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Interesting analysis of films and Altgens pictures by amateur researcher M Fox.

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07-21-2016, 09:32 PM #11
Ben Holmes
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Re: Interesting analysis of films and Altgens pictures by amateur researcher M Fox.
Patrick C Wrote:
Ben Holmes Wrote:Once again, sheer speculation and un-citable mysterious evidence...

Surely you can do better than this, right Patrick?
Not really Ben,
Not an unexpected answer. I do hope you realize what a coward believers come off as... in the way they constantly run from the evidence, and evade their responsibility to cite.

Patrick C Wrote:This is not a court of law and I simply don't have the time.
If you don't have enough time to cite the evidence for a claim, then you should be smart enough not to make the claim in the first place.
Patrick C Wrote:Try the web - you know it's at your fingertips. I found that set of posts from G Fox which I thought was interesting.
How silly of you, Patrick!! :roll:

I'm quite well aware of what happens when I ask a believer to go look up the evidence proving that I'm right... do you perhaps have a different set of standards when it comes to yourself?

Patrick C Wrote:You do not need to be so confrontational all the time - you might actually make progress in coming round to accepting Oswald could have killed JFK acting alone whilst favouring a conspiracy. Your blinkered view of this case reflects on your inability to escape your view no doubt from the get go that Kennedy was killed as a result of a plot and that is that....your approach is extremely amateur and lacking in rigour despite your excellent knowledge of the case.
Simply provide the evidence, and I'll be happy to examine it.

I don't deal with speculation and opinion when I have evidence.

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