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It's Truly Amusing How Easy It Is...

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04-01-2017, 06:10 PM #1
Ben Holmes
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It's Truly Amusing How Easy It Is...
To run off believers... 

All you have to do is keep citing & quoting the evidence... and believers just get frustrated and leave. 

The list of believers who've run from me is long... although mostly trolls, it also includes believers well versed in the evidence, such as John McAdams, Henry Sienzant, Patrick Collins, David Von Pein and others... 

Believers simply cannot explain the evidence in terms of their faith - and get irritated every time I point it out. 

The evidence is WELL EXPLAINED in terms of a conspiracy - yet doesn't fit the Warren Commission's theory at all. 

Which explains why the Warren Commission simply lied about the evidence they collected. 

And despite my posting of the "Provable Lies Of The Warren Commission" for many years now - there's *STILL* no answers to them. 

Our most recent believer was posting anonymously as "Hollywood" - although he admitted to being the anonymous "Dale" of the Amazon Forums. Unfortunately, due to childish behavior, Hollywood has been placed in a moderation queue - where any future posts he makes will be censored for his frequent ad hominem attacks.

But my crystal ball tells me that like the previous list of believers, "Hollywood" too will disappear...

The evidence simply isn't in their favor.

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