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The "Brilliance" Of A Moronic Post...

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05-03-2017, 02:54 PM #1
Ben Holmes
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The "Brilliance" Of A Moronic Post...
This brilliantly moronic post was found in the censored forum:

On Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 6:09:32 PM UTC-7, BT George wrote:
> As I was pondering "Patsy Plots" the other day, a few questions about the
> brilliant strategies behind such a "plot" came to mind.
> For instance, why on Earth "they" would go to great lengths to frame
> Oswald with a rifle that he either never owned, never ever practiced with,
> or that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn anyway

For the simple reason that they couldn't credibly frame him with a baseball bat.

You see, JFK was *shot*, not beat to death, so they needed something credible that could shoot bullets.

This is, by the way, the same reason that Oswald wasn't framed with an axe.

> since it was
> allegedly so bad (take your Patsy-framing CT pick) rather than simply
> framing him with a rifle that he had owned, had practiced with, and was a
> reliable and good weapon is beyond me.

Of course, no-one saw this rifle, no-one saw him practicing with it, nor was it a good & reliable weapon (as shown by the NRA rated "Masters" who fired it)

The evidence that he "owned" it is forged, and quite provably so...

And before you bring up Marina - just publicly admit that she *INITIALLY* denied that Oswald owned a rifle.

> And if someone says they couldn't
> because LHO never owned any rifle at all, then I'd say it is equally
> beyond me why "they" chose to frame a non-gun owner.

Because a bat or an axe simply wasn't believable enough.

> But hey, that's not the least of their stupidities, 'cause "they" also
> apparently chose to shoot at Kennedy from multiple directions and with
> different weapons which "they" then had to bring more plotters into the
> plan at the autopsy to conceal and cover up that glaringly apparent fact,
> instead of just choosing one really good assassin shooting from the right
> location, with the right kind of stuff.

And your expertise with assassinating people is ... what?

Your mere opinion isn't evidence... doesn't even come *close* to being evidence.

Indeed, res ipsa loquitur... they did it, they succeeded, they fooled you.

And the fact that they had to literally kidnap the body, and remove it from its legally required autopsy in Dallas - to bring it to an autopsy that was controlled by military order - shows the conspiracy in action.

> But still not content with mere bone-headedness, "they" decided to let
> their Patsy roam freely on every floor of the TSBD *but* the 6th floor

That's simply a blatant lie.

There's *NO* critic I'm aware of who doesn't place Oswald on the 6th floor up til around 11:50 or so.

Nor will you CITE any such person.

You can't debate what critics *ACTUALLY* state, so you simply make things up. This fact shows your desperation & dishonesty, nothing more.

> (the one place anyone with a brain just "knows" he never was) just begging
> for him to go out and join the other workers to watch the passing parade
> and/or be seen inside by any number of witnesses who could have easily
> supplied him with an alibi.

They did.

> And for the coup de grace of "brilliance"
> "they" let him live a couple of days in police custody where he could be
> paraded in front of the world's press and potentiallybsing about all the
> ways to verify he was being set up!
> A master plan indeed!
> BT George

I left the authors name on this "brilliantly" moronic post, because I want him to have *ALL* the credit.

Sadly, such morons won't answer the actual evidence...

Even from just this post... show the evidence that Oswald paid for the rifle...

Name the people who witnessed Oswald "practicing" with the rifle...

Name the critics who don't believe Oswald was on the 6th floor that morning...

Tell us why the NRA rated "Masters" couldn't duplicate the shooting feat alleged by the Warren Commission to have been done by Oswald...

Tell us why the prosectors were forbidden from doing their ordinary job at the autopsy...

Tell us how Oswald managed to be seen by witnesses after 12 noon DOWNSTAIRS...

Tell us how Oswald managed to fire a rifle, yet come up negative on the cheek cast...

Tell us why believers are such cowards when it comes to questions about the evidence...

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