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bugliosi 53 pieces of evidence number 3

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12-04-2017, 08:09 PM #2
Ben Holmes
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RE: bugliosi 53 pieces of evidence number 3
(12-04-2017, 03:53 PM)fobrien1 Wrote:  3. When Oswald told Wesley Frazier why he was coming to Irving on a Thursday night—to pick up curtain rods—Frazier said to Oswald, “Oh, very well,” then added, “Well, will you be going home with me tomorrow also?” and Oswald replied, “No.”

so whats missing here ? bugliosi surely read his star witness (marina oswald ) testimony ? of course he did , so then he knew exactly what she said about this matter ,so why does he omit to mention what she said ? .

Mr. RANKIN. When he said he would not be home that Friday evening, did you ask him why?
Mrs. OSWALD. Yes.
Mr. RANKIN. What did he say?
Mrs. OSWALD. He said that since he was home on Thursday, that it wouldn't make any sense to come again on Friday, that he would come for the weekend.
Mr. RANKIN. Did that cause you to think that he had any special plans to do anything?
Mrs. OSWALD. No.

so bugliosi knew from his star witness marina that oswald said he wouldnt be coming back out to irving on friday evening as he had stayed thursday night , but that he would instead COME BACK OVER THE WEEKEND .

so buglosi used his prosection brief to assert that oswald was not going to irving on friday because he had other plans (shoot jfk) and because he knew he would never return there . when in fact bugliosi knew that marina had testified that oswald told her he would not be back on friday because as he had stayed thursday that it didnt make sense , so he instead was coming back at the weekend .

I'm rarely surprised ... but I am here. You've put your finger on a point that I'd missed.

Of course, this is the problem with Vincent Bugliosi - you have to be DEEPLY knowledgeable on the evidence, or his lying will simply go right over your head.

I'm surprised that you found one of his more subtle lies that I failed to catch... (shame on me!  [Image: smile.png] )

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