Full Version: Dishonest Journalism
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Judith Levine & Erica R. Meiners Wrote:Twenty years of research has established that people with convictions for sex offenses have low rates of recidivism and that the expanding realms of post-release punishment do not prevent sexual violence.

This is such a blatant and incredibly stupid statement that one would be hard pressed to find a more obvious lie. While I'm sure that if one looked long enough, somewhere there would be a "study" that supports this - it's simply not true.

One can find a justification for anything you believe if you search online long enough...

Journalism & honesty are not words that can often be used in the same sentence...
Here’s an idea to wipe the smug look off the faces of the talking heads who inhabit decrepit newsrooms of the great propaganda machine a.k.a. the mainstream media. Turn establishment’s camera around on them. This isn’t the 1970s, and they don’t own every avenue of mass communication.

We can snoop on them just like they snoop on us and our allies.

Lowlife "journalists" love to dig up dirt on people they report on, as if they have no dirt of their own that can be dug up. But take it from someone who worked alongside them for well over a decade, many if not most of the people who work in the media have checkered pasts.

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Journalism is dead. There's only agenda pushing and propaganda spewing drivel that's left. They're deliberately trying to misinform us.