Full Version: Lying About The Electoral College
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Susan Haigh, Associated Press Wrote:More States Consider Working Around Electoral College
The compact wouldn't benefit any one party, said Patrick Rosenstiel, a consultant to National Popular Vote, the group that has been pushing for the compact since 2006. Rather, the Republican said, it will incourage candidates to campaign in every state, regardless of its politics, and make every voter relevant.

"Right now we've got a system where the battleground states have all the political influence."

I'm often amused at the lies told ... quite blatantly... about the Electoral College... and usually right around the time that the Democrats lose again.

The Electoral College is what forces Presidential candidates to go ANYWHERE other than California, New York, and perhaps Texas.

Clinton won close to 3 million votes more than Trump - but if you discount California & New York, Hillary Clinton LOST the popular vote by roughly 3 million.

This fact alone shows why Susan Haigh, the author of that quite misleading Associated Press article, is lying about the effects of getting rid of the Electoral College.

And if ending the Electoral College depends on lying about it...