Full Version: Provable Lies Of The Warren Commission #2
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"On Friday, November 1, Oswald did cash a Texas Unemployment Commission check for $33 at another supermarket in Irving..." (WCR 331)

"Mrs. Tarrants stated as best as she recalls, on Thursday night, October 31, 1963  LEE HARVEY OSWALD appeared at the cashier's cage and presented the above check to her and requested that it be cashed." (CE 1165 pg 6)

Notice that yet again, the actual TESTIMONY is in conflict with what the Warren Commission said it was... The Warren Commission had no evidence for Oswald cashing a check on Friday, rather than Thursday - but this wouldn't have fit the evolving storyline. The WC clearly didn't want to provide proof that a Thursday visit to Irving was not unique - for their theory needed a unique visit on a Thursday to pick up a rifle. They simply lied in order to do so.