Full Version: bugliosi 53 pieces of evidence number 1
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1. Whenever Oswald had Wesley Frazier drive him out to visit his wife and daughters at the Paine residence in Irving, he’d go on a Friday evening and return to Dallas on Monday morning. The assassination was on Friday, November 22, 1963. For the very first time, Oswald went to Irving with Frazier on Thursday evening, November 21, obviously to pick up his Mannlicher-Carcano rifle for the following day.    

bugliosi states that whenever THAT IS EVERY TIME he went to irving that he went on a friday evening and that he only deviated from that ROUTINE one time NOVEMBER 21 1963 . firstly oswald only worked in the depository about  6 weeks , it wasnt a period of months or years JUST A FEW WEEKS .

secondly oswald did deviate from that routine . he did so on a public holliday , i stand to be corrected on this (as i am not amercan) but i think it may have been veterans day .. he deviated the week before the assassination when he did not go to irving AT ALL .

and he did so again atleast a third time in those 6 weeks

Mr. RANKIN. Now, the weekend of October 25th to the 27th, did your husband return to Irving that weekend?
Mrs. OSWALD. There were some weekends when he did not come. But this was at my request. It happened twice, I think. One such weekend was the occasion of the birthday of Mrs. Paine's daughter. And I knew that Lee didn't like Michael, Mrs. Paine's husband, and I asked him not to come.
This was one occasion.
The other I don't recall. I don't recall the date of this. But I remember that the weekend before he shot at the President, he did not come on Saturday and Sunday. Because we had a quarrel--that incident with the fictitious name.
No, I am confused.
It would be easier for me to remember if I knew the birthday of that girl. Perhaps you know. Perhaps you have it noted down somewhere.

Mrs. OSWALD. I remember that there was one weekend when he didn't come on a Friday, but said that he would come on a Saturday. And he said that that was because he wanted to visit another place supposedly there was another job open, more interesting work.
Mr. RANKIN. Did he say where this other job was that he thought was more interesting?
Mrs. OSWALD. He said that this was also based upon an ad in a newspaper, and that it was connected--that it was related to photography. And he went there in the morning and then--on a Saturday--and then came to us, still during the morning.
Mr. RANKIN. He came home, then, on Saturday, some time before noon of that day?
Mrs. OSWALD. Yes, before noon.
It seems to me that there was a holiday on that day, on the 8th elections--were there elections on that day?
Mr. RANKIN. Are you thinking of November 11th, Veterans Day?

so on atleast 3 occassions that we know of oswald did not go to irving as normal or broke his so called routine .

1/ the paines daughters birthday 25 to 27 oct oswald did not go to irving at marinas request
2/ veterans day
3/ november 15 didnt go to irving at all

so bugliosi maintaned that oswald had a routine that he only broke once , when in fact he did so one way or another on atleast 3 out of the 6 weeks .

so its clear that bugliosi sought to assert that oswald had a pretty rigid routine that he only broke one time , anything to make oswald look guilty . this we find according to bugliosis own star witness is not accurate . well he was a prosecutor so he offers only a prosecution brief .