Full Version: Whiteboard Area - Rules... Read First!
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This area is for the posting of longer articles, or for requests for information concerning the JFK Assassination. It will be totally moderated, your posts will not appear until I have read and approved them.

I reserve all rights to edit your post for grammar and content. This does not mean that I will only allow critical reviews of the Warren Commission - this simply means that I will uphold the highest standards in this area. The fastest way to get your post approved is to have a detailed article, or detailed question, along with citations & photos if possible. Material not deemed acceptable here may be moved to the regular debate forum.

Longer posts will be preferred, but shorter posts that also link to interesting web content will be accepted. (For example, a link to an online article, then your critique of it...) What is not desired (and will be rejected) is a quick link to something - as it provides no content for this forum.

No responses will be allowed, unless it's a question that invites responses by the originating author - and then will be strictly moderated.

This is not a debate area - this is a sort of mini-website for all users to make use of.