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Book List Patrick C

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Patrick C
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Book List Patrick C
The  books in my personal libray on the JFK assassination are listed here should anyone be interested. It is a comprehensive list and I think more extensive that any bibiligraphy I have seen within any JFK book. Other than Reclaiming History perhaps.

There are around another 50 or so that I have which contain material on the assassination, but which are not specific to it. The list is not fully up to date and is missing around 20 or so titles.

It is my view that the number of books on the assassination and Oswald is around 500 and NOT 2000 as claimed by Vincent Bugliosi in Reclaiming History.

I have not included any self published e books - of which there are many post 2013.

There are a few missing - for example Leroy Blevins and his 13 shot work of fiction presented as fact and there are a few that appear twice as paperback updates may contain extra material post first editions as per Conspiracy by Anthony Summers.

For what it is worth the Orlando Martin book gets my vote for the worst written on the subject to date. There are a few other howlers in there too.

I have singled out a few from both sides of the debate that I would consider recommended reading with a "*"
 The Echo from Dealy PlazaAbraham BoldenNovember 22 1963Adam Braver The Ruby Oswald AffairAlan AdelsonWe were thereAllen ChildsThe Assassination of John F. Kennedy : The reasons why Albert H. Newman *The President and the ProvocateurAlex Cox63 ClosureAnthony FrewinConspiracyAnthony Summers *The Kennedy ConspiracyAnthony SummersWho Killed President KennedyAnthony SummersJFK and SamAntoinette GiancanaPassion For the TruthArlen SpecterCovering the BodyBarbie ZelizerHow LBJ killed JFKBarr McCellandThe Girl on the StairsBarry ErnestImpossible - the case against Lee Harvey Oswald vol1Barry KruschImpossible - the case against Lee Harvey Oswald vol2Barry KruschImpossible - the case against Lee Harvey Oswald vol3Barry KruschCoincidence or ConspiracyBernard FensterwaldThe Lingering ShadowBernard Gauzer & Sid MoodyNightmare in DallasBeverley OliverThe Warren Report and its criticsBill AdlerKilling Kennedy: The End of CamelotBill O'ReillyDallas 1963 The road to the Kennedy AssassinationBill MinutaglioBreaking the SilenceBill Sloan *The other AssassinBill SloanDallas 50 Years OnBlain Taylor22 Days hath NovemberBob DorffWhen the news went liveBob Huffaker *Mortal ErrorBonner MenningerMortal Error HBBonner MenningerThe Zenith SecretBradley Earl AyersTriangle of  DeathBradley S. O'Leary & L. E. SeymourThe Mystique of ConspiracyBrian BuggeCastro's SecretsBrian Latell *The JFK AssassinationCarl OglesbyRed FridayCarlos Bringuier *JFK Conspiracy of SilenceCharles A. Crenshaw M.DTrauma Room OneCharles Crenshaw M.DThe truth about the assassinationCharles RobertsMedicolegal invetsigation of the president John F. Kennedy murderCharles G. WilberZR RifleClaudio FuriatiIts Time for the Truth The JFK Cover UpCharles E. HulburtFour Days in NovemberClint HillSecrets from the sixth floor windowConnie KritsbergThe Texas ConnectionCraig I. ZirbelThe Final ChapterCraig I. ZirbelKill ZoneCraig RobertsCritical Reactions to the Warren ReportCurtis CrawfordWith MaliceDale K Myers *November 22 The day rememberedDallas Morning NewsDefinitive ProofDan RobertsonContract on AmericaDavid E, ScheimThe Mafia Killed President KennedyDavid E, ScheimThe Road to DallasDavid KaiserThe Zapruder FilmDavid R. Wrone *Best EvidenceDavid S. Lifton *Best Evidence paperbackDavid S. LiftonBest Evidence trade paperbackDavid S. LiftonDisclosureDavid W. BelinYou are the juryDavid W. Belin *November 22, 1963Dean OwenDallas and the Jack Ruby TrialDiane HollowayThe Mind of OswaldDiane HollowayThe Man Who Knew Too Much hard back 1st EdDick Russell *The Man Who Knew Too Much softbackDick RussellOn the trail of the AssassinsDick RussellFrom an Office Building with a high powered rifleDon AdamsThe Kennedy Assassination Cover Up RevisitedDonald GibsonA Deepr, Darker TruthDonald T. PhillipsRegicideDouglas GregoryHistory will not Absolve UsE. Martin SchotzThe memoirs of Earl WarrenEarl WarrenInquest paperbackEdward J. EpsteinInquestEdward J. EpsteinLegendEdward J. EpsteinCounterplotEdward J. EpsteinThe JFK Assassination DiaryEdward J. EpsteinSixty Versions of the Kennedy AssassinationEdward J. EpsteinJFK AssassinationEdward P. RemDr. Mary's MonkeyEdward T. HaslamUndeniable TruthsEd SouzaThe Betrayal of the John F. Kennedy PresidencyEdward I ShwartzBeyond the Fence LineEd HoffmanJFK - The Cuba FilesFabian EscalanteCIA Targets FidelFabian EscalanteCold Case KennedyFlip de MayThe MK Ultra SecretFrank CamperIn the Shadow of the SphynxFrank R. DurrMurder from WithinFred T NewcombHead ShotG. Paul ChambersFatal HourG.Robert Blakey & Richard N. BillingsThe Plot to Kill the PresidentG.Robert Blakey & Richard N. Billings *The Last InvestigationGaeyton Fonzi *Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination FilmGale Nix JacksonReal AnswersGary CornwellOswalds PoliticsGary W. O'BrianFirst Day EvidenceGary Savage *Jack Ruby: The Man Who Killed the Man Who Killed KennedyGary Willis & Ovid DemarisThe Assassination TapesGeorge O'TooleLee Harvey Oswald as I knew himGeorge deMoohrenschildtBreach of TrustGerald D. McKnight *The Warren Commission ReportGerald Ford leather versionCase ClosedGerald Posner *Portrait of the AssassinGerald R. FordWas Oswald alone ?Gil ChapmanThe two faces of Lee Harvey OswaldGlenn B. FlemingLive by the SwordGus RussoBrothers in ArmsGus RussoWhere were youGus RussoCase ClosedHarold WeisbergWhitewashHarold WeisbergWhitewash IIHarold WeisbergPhotographic WhitewashHarold WeisbergWhitewashHarold Weisberg *Oswald in New OrleansHarold WeisbergHigh TreasonHarrison Edward LivingstoneHigh Treason paperbackHarrison Edward LivingstoneHigh Treason TwoHarrison Edward LivingstoneKilling KennedyHarrison Edward LivingstoneKilling the TruthHarrison Edward LivingstoneThe Radical RightHarrison Edward LivingstoneThe Grassy Knoll WitnessesHarry YardhamThe GunHenry BloomgardenNovember 22 1963Helen ThomasReasonable DoubtHenry Hurt *A Secret OrderH.P Albarrelli JrEyewitness to HistoryHoward Brennen *Presumed GuiltyHoward Roffman *History will Prove us RightHoward WillensRendezvous with DeathH.R Underwood *HSCA Report Mary Ferrell Foundation versionHSCABreaking the NewsHugh Ainsworth *Witness to HistoryHugh AinsworthAppointment in DallasHugh C Mcdonald & Geoffrey BoccaNo Case to AnswerIan Griggs *Programmed to KillIon Mihai PacepaThe Kennedy AssassinationJ.Arthur JensonDestiny BetrayedJames Di EugenioThe AssassinationsJames Di EugenioReclaiming ParklandJames Di Eugenio *Assassination ScienceJames H. FetzerMurder in Dealy PlazaJames H. FetzerThe Great Zapruder Fim HoaxJames H. FetzerFarewell to AmericaJames HepburnChasing GhostsJames KoepkeThe Assassination of John F. Kennedy: A Complete Book of Facts James P. Duffy & Vincent L. RicciAssignment OswaldJames P. Hosty *Flight from DallasJames P. JohnstoneThe WebJames R. DuffyLone Star (the life of John Connally)James Reston JnrThe JFK Assassination RevisitedJames V RinnovatoreAccidental VictimJames Reston Jnr *End of DaysJames SwansonThe Truth WitheldJames TagueLBJ and the Kennedy KillingJames TagueThe weight of evidenceJay DavidOswalds Game Jean Davison *Oswalds Game Trade SBJean DavisonThe Last Dissenting WitnessJean HillA mother in historyJean StaffordOur Man in MexicoJefferson MorleyGeneral Walker and the Murdur or President KennedyJefferey H. CaulfieldA brief guide to the JFK AssassinationJeremy BojczukWho Really Killed KennedyJerome R. CorsiConspiracy in Camelot: The Complete History of the Assassination of John Fitzgerald KennedyJerry A. KrothThe Perfect AssassinJerry LeanardAssassination FilesJesse CurryThe Day Kennedy Was ShotJim BishopJFK Conspirary The Missing FileJim BowlesOn the trail of the AssassinsJim GarrisonHeritage of StoneJim GarrisonCrossfireJim MarrsCrossfire paperbackJim MarrsConspiracy of OneJim Moore *Oswlad Assassin or Fall GuyJoachim Joesten *The Dark Side of Lyndon Baines JohnsonJoachim JoestenOswald The truthJoachim JoestenWhat really happened ? JFKJoan Hubbard-BurrellFarewell to JusticeJoan MellenOur Man in HaitiJoan MellenHarvey and LeeJohn ArmstrongReflections on Jfk's Assassination: 250 Famous Americans Remember, November 22, 1963 John B. JovichSilencing the Lone AssassinJohn Canal *In History's ShadowJohn ConnallyAfter the assassinationJohn H. A. SparrowMafia KingfishJohn H. DavisThe Kennedy ClanJohn H. Davis *Dynasty and Disaster HardbackJohn H. DavisMafia Kingfish hard backJohn H. DavisKennedy ContractJohn H. DavisJFK An American Coupe D'EtatJohn Hughes WilsonPraise From a future generationJohn KelinKennedy & LincolnJohn LattimerJFK Assassination logicJohn McAdamsOswald and the CIAJohn NewmanThe Man on the Grassy KnollJohn R. Craig & Philip A. RogersAfter the AssassinationJohn SparrowThe Assassination of JFK minute by minuteJonathon MayoSix Seconds in DallasJosiah Thompson *LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill KennedyJoseph P. FarrellThe Trial of Jack RubyKaplan & WaltzWithout smoking gunKent Heiner & Daniel MarvinOswaldKerry Wendell ThornleyJFKL. Fletcher ProutyUltimate SacrificeLamar WaldrenThe Hidden History of the JFK AssassinationLamar WaldrenLegacy of SecracyLamar WaldenKilling JFKLance MooreNo more SilenceLarry A. Sneed *Someone would have talkedLarry Hancock *NexusLarry HancockThe Kennedy Half CenturyLarry J. SabatoThe JFK MythsLarry Sturdivan *Reporting the Kennedy AssassinationLaura HlavachThe Oswald AffairLeo SauvageThe Day Kennedy DiedLifeThe Kennedy AssassinationLiz GogerlyHighlights of the Warren ReportMarc Davis & Jim MatthewsThe bastard bulletMarcus RaymondEchoes from Elm StreetMark Bridger & Barry KeaneJohn F. Kennedy Sites in Dallas-Fort WorthMark Doty & John H. SlateA Simple Act of MurderMark Furhman *Plausible DenialMark LaneRush to Judgment Mark LaneA citizens dissentMark LaneRush to Judgment trade paperbackMark LaneThe Last WordMark LaneAct of TreasonMark NorthBetrayal in DallasMark NorthJFK The Second PlotMatthew SmithSay Good bye to AmericaMatthew SmithThe Plot to Stop the KennedysMatthew SmithWho Killed KennedyMatthew SmithKennedy Assassination TapesMax HollandDispelling the mythsMel Ayton *Questions of ConspiracyMel Ayton *Questions of ControversyMel Ayton *Beyond Reasonable DoubtMel Ayton and David Von PeinCrime of the CenturyMichael  KurtzThe JFK Assassination DebatesMichael  KurtzEncyclopedia of the JFK assassinationMichael Benson *Who's Who in the JFK AssassinationMichael BensonJFK Vs. CIA: Michael CalderFinal JudgementMichael Collins PiperThe Oswald FileMichael EddowesKrushchev Killed KennedyMichael EddowesNov 22 - How they killed KennedyMichael EddowesPhantom ShotMike Majerus & Jack Nessan **The Garrison CaseMilton E. BrennerLove FieldNellie ConnallyJFK Assassination RehearsalNick NeroRethinking CamelotNoam ChomskyBloody TreasonNoel TymanOswalds TaleNorman MailerPassport to AssassinationOleg M. NechiporenkoJFK The book of the filmOliver StoneAnalysis of a ShootingOrlando MartinZapruderedOyvind VagnesInterview with historyPamela J. RayFalse WitnessPatricia LambertThe Kennedy ClanPaul H. DaviesLee Harvey Oswald and the American dreamPaul SitesThe French ConnectionPeter KrossDeep PoliticsPeter Dale ScottDeep Politics 2Peter Dale ScottOswald Mexico and Deep PoliticsPeter Dale ScottCrime and Cover UpPeter Dale ScottThe Kennedy AssassinationPeter KnightMary's MosaicPeter JaneyLegacy of DoubtPeter NoyesInterloper Lee Harvey Oswald in the Soviet UnionPeter SavodnikLBJPhillips F. NelsonRiding the Tigers BackPhillip HemenwayA Cruel and Shocking ActPhillip ShennonSpy SagaPhillip MelensonMarina and LeePriscilla McMillanBeyond the Fence LineQuinlan EdwardsOswald TalkedRay FontainThe two assassinsRenatus Hartog & Lucy FreemanHit ListRichard BelzerNational Nightmare on Six Feet of FilmRichard B, TraskPictures of the PainRichard B, Trask *That Day in DallasRichard B, TraskReclaiming Science The JFK ConspiracyRichard CharninThe Second Oswald paperbackRichard PopkinThe scavangers & the critics of the Warren ReportRichard Warren LewisFirst Hand KnowledgeRobert D. MorrowBetrayalRobert D. MorrowFour Days in NovemberRobert B.Semple & Tom WickerAn unfinished lifeRobert DallekShadows of Doubt : The Warren Commision Cover UpRobert F. MeunierThe Killing of a PresidentRobert J. Groden *The Search for Lee Harvey OswaldRobert J. Groden *JFK:The Case for ConspiracyRobert J. Groden & F. Peter ModelAmbush in Dealey PlazaRobert J. MurdochA portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald by his brotherRobert Oswald *The Warren Report - Evidence v ConclusionsRodger A. RemmingtonThe Warren Report - The people v the Warren ReportRodger A. RemmingtonFalling ChipsRodger A. RemmingtonThe secret oof the CenturyRoger LevineThe Man Who Killed KennedyRoger Stone FlashbackRon LewisThey ve killed the PresidentSam AnsonThe Ruby Cover UpSeth KantorWho Was Jack RubySeth KantorCover UpShaw, J. Gary and Larry HarrisHouse of DeceptionSheldon Burton WebsterEnemy of the TruthSherry P. FiesterAssassination and CommemerationStephen Fagin22.11.1963Stephen KingShould we now believe the Warren ReportStephen White *The Kennedy Assassination 24 hours afterSteven M. GillonA time to rememberStanley ShapiroCover UpStewart GalanorPresident Kennedy Has Been ShotSusen Bennett & Cathy TrostJFK The unaswered QuestionsSylvan FoxAccessories After the FactSylvia Meagher *My story as the youngest photographer of the Kennedy assassinationTina TownerWho Killed KennedyThomas BuchannonMrs Paines GarageThomas MallonMisplaced LoyaltiesVictor E. JusticeReclaiming HistoryVincent Bugliosi *Survivors GuiltVincent PalamaraFalse MysteryVincent Salandria *The Warren OmmissionWalt Brown *The People v Lee Harvey OswaldWalt BrownTreachery in DallasWalt BrownThe Warren Commision ReportWarren CommisionThe WitnessesWarren CommisionWarren Report volumesWarren CommisionDeadly SecretsWarren Hinckle & William TurnerCoup d' EtatWeberman & CanfieldNovember 22 1963William E. ScottThe Death of a PresidentWilliam ManchesterIn the Eye of HistoryWilliam Mattson LawWho was behind Lee Harvey OswaldWilliam Stewart McBirnieFiles on JFKWim Dankbaar

Please note that the list did not appear in the correct format when actually posted but the spread sheet is also attached.

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